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A project powered by ERIE to aid decision making and intervention design in complex contexts.

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Decision Making

Do you deal with complexity and require innovative approaches to planning, decision making and management? Is your domain an interconnected system of many diverse components, which may be adapting, learning or changing continuously? Can external changes, management or policy interventions cause unexpected, indirect impacts? Would you like to understand and exploit the structure of your complex system to make more effective decisions?

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Rapidly create simple causal models of your system: your region; supply chains, industrial network or any complex network. You, your team or stakeholder groups can construct simple network models of a problem domain based on “on the ground” knowledge without the need for quantitative or detailed information. Just pinpoint the important factors and then add connections to represent how they influence each other. Models can include factors from any domain - from economic to social.

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Instant Results

Instantly calculate the leverage points of your system, with high influence on many other factors. Find starting points to design the most effective “whole system” management interventions. Discover where the system is vulnerable to external change. Combine this with the controllability of different factors from your perspective to produce bespoke results for your situation. Our tool will find and analyse the sets of influential factors most readily usable by your organisation.

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People who believe in what we do
CCTool has been developed as part of the Complexity Science for the Real World Initiative of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

This programme brought cutting edge complexity science techniques together with real world expertise to aid decision making in human systems. To create CCTool we worked with local authorities, industrialists and NGOs in industrial ecosystems and regional economies to make tools that work on the ground for complex systems that matter.

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